About Me

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The short version is, I do the DevOps and I have an obsession with mountain biking.

Cloud Engineer

I make actual clouds!!!

That would be sweet, but what really what I do is leverage cloud providers (mostly AWS) to help teams build and run cloud native applications using tools like Docker. My current role at Capital One where we are building a platform for many development teams to deploy there microservices. If you like that kind of thing, more details are in my resume section.

My previous role at Autodesk was on the Public Cloud as a Service team. This team help orchestrate many different AWS accounts across the company with a big focus on security, cost, and network management. We also did a fair amount of consulting with other teams to help them better utilize AWS.

Before that, although valuable, my roles were less exciting. Moving on!


To this pretty lady. We used to be ketogenic, but we still make lots of the recipes on her blog, and we still don’t eat a lot of carbs. You should check out lemon cheesecake recipe. It’s seriously my favorite cheesecake ever, and I’m not saying that to make her happy. Even if you aren’t keto, you can just replace the erythritol with equal amounts of sugar, and do whatever you want for the crust. It’s amazing!

The Wife and I


I am obsessed with tech. I listen to a bunch of tech and DevOps podcast, I write some software in personal time, I like to play with Raspberry Pis, etc… As much as I am obsessed with tech, sometimes I need to give my brain a break. Trail running, hiking, or mountain biking are my typical choices here. These are almost meditative experiences and let my brain run at a normal pace once in a while.

I’m obsessed with tech, probably a bit too much. But as much as I love it, my brain needs a break. I’m a strong believer in taking care of ones mental and physical health, and for me, that involves being outdoors. Trail running, hiking, and mountain biking are my favorite outdoor activities. They provide an almost meditative experience that lets my brain relax for a bit, and a great physical workout if difficult enough.

This picture is from one of my favorite hiking trails that I’ve ever done - Grinnel Glacier trail at Glacier National Park.

Grinnel Glacier Trail

Mountain Biking

It deserves it’s own section, because I love it so much. I’ve only been consistent with the hobby for a couple of years, but I’m obsessed with it. I’m still very much a novice and learning a lot of the basic skills, like pumping and manuals.

Me and My Bike

I really missing living close to Tree Farm for biking. That’s a really great trail that you should ride if you like biking and get the opportunity to.